Vol 90 (1-3) January-June, 2002



With this issue of the Journal of the Argentine Chemical Society...
Prof. Eduardo J. Bottani

Regular Papers

EPR spectroscopic characterization of CrV - saccharide complexes
Signorella, S;González, J.C.; Sala, L.F.
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Influencia del grado de sulfatación en la actividad biológica del Dermatan sulfato y del Condroitín sulfato C
Andoniades, S.E.; Schenone, M.; Recondo, E.F.; Fernández De Recondo, M.E.
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Hydroxylation of Grindelic Acid by Filamentous Fungi
Hernandez, X.E.; Carrizo Flores, R.A.; Giordano, O.S.; Kurina Sanz, M.B.
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Excess Molar Volumes, Excess Viscosities and Refractive Indices of a Quaternary Liquid Mixture at 298.15 K
Canzonieri, S.H.; Postigo, M.A.; Salas, J.A.; Katz, M.
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Culture Characteristics, Growth Kinetic and Citrinin Production by PENICILLIUM Citrinum Thom Isolates Recovered from Argentinean Corn
Boca, R.T.; González, H.L.; Resnik, S.L.
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Electrochemical Removal and Reuse of Lead from Effluents of Exhausted Battery Recovery Processes
Vives, H.F.; Petelín, K.; Dreisch, P.; Vives, A.M.; Exposito, E.; Montiel, V.
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Excess Molar Volumes and Excess Viscosities of the 1-Clorobutane + Pentane + Dimethoxyethane Ternary System at 298.15 K.
Salas, J.A.; Zurita, J.L.; Katz, M.
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Efecto del ascenso capilar sobre el movimiento de agua por surfactantes
Zabala, S.; Torres Sánchez, R.M.
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Optimization and Validation of the Molibdenum Blue Method for the Determination of Dexamethasone Phosphate in Injections
Cámara, M.S.; De Zan, M.; Mantovani, V.E.; Robles, J.C.; Goicoechea, H.C.
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QSPR Modeling of Normal Boiling Point of Aldehydes, Ketones, and Esters by Means of Nearest Neighboring Codes Correlation Weighting
Duchowicz, P.; Castro, E.A.; Toporov, A.A
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Synthesis and Characterization of a New Iron (II)/4,4'-Bipyridine Complex
Williams, P.A.M.; Ferrer, E.G.; Baran, E.J.; Piro, O.E.; Ellena, J.A.; Castellano, E.E
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