Vol 90 (4-6) July-December, 2002



Review Article

Current theoretical methods applied to study cyclodextrins and their complexes. Castro, E.A.; Barbiric, D.A.J.


Regular Papers

Composición porcentual de ácidos grasos y de esteroles de algunos genotipos de especies silvestres de maní. Grosso, N.R.; Nepote V.; Giannuzzo, N.; Guzmán C.A.

Solubility parameters, hidrophile-lipophile balance, and solubility in sucrose derivative surfactants obtained by GLC. de Shaefer, C.R.; de Ruiz Holgado, M.E.F.; Arancibia, E.L.

Alkaline treatment of the carrageenans from the cystocarpic stage of the red seaweed iridaea undulosa. Flores, M.L.; Cerezo, A.S.; Stortz, C.A.

Determination of cobalt by ICP-AES in drinking water samples using a knotted reactor with flow-injection on-line. Farías, G.M.; Moyano, S.; Gásquez, J.A.; Wuilloud, R.; Martínez L.D.

Characterization of montmorillonites from bentonite deposits of north patagonia, Argentina: phsycochemical and structural parameter correlation. Lombardi, B.; Baschini, M.; Torres Sánchez, R.M.

Thermal behavior of fused NH-pyrazoles under flash vacuum pyrolysis (FVP) conditions. Moyano, E.L.; Yranzo, G.I. D

An electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study of hidrazine oxidation on Pd supported on graphite cloth. Duarte, M.M.E.; Stefenel, M.M.; Mayer, C.E.

Ciclo redox de la o-naftoquinona CG 10-248: función de la flavoenzima DT-diaforasa. Dubin, M.; Fernández Villamil, S.H.; Stoppani, A.O.M.