Vol 91 (4-6) July-December, 2003



Review Article

Probe Beam Deflection: A Novel In-Situ Electrochemical Technique
Barbero, C.A.; Miras, M.C.
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Regular Papers


Determination of Monosodium Glutamate in Meat Products
Rodríguez, M.S.; González, M.E.; Centurión, M.E.
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Characterization of Wheat and Quinoa Flour Blends in Relation to Their Breadmaking Quality
Enriquez, N.; Peltzer, M.; Raimundi, A.; Tosi, V.; Pollio, M.L.
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Computer Simulation of Distance Changes in Nanogaps
Narambuena, C.F.; Del Pópolo, M.G.; Leiva, E.
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Enantioselective Hydrogenation of Ethyl Pyruvate With Cinchonidine Modified Pt/SiO2 and PtSn/SiO2 Catalysts
Ibáñez, M.F.; Vetere, V.; Santori, G.F.; Casella, M.L.; Ferretti, O.A.
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Some Characteristics of Phenol Adsorption on Activated Carbon
Espósito, A.; Raffaelli, J.; Fassino, L.; Odetti, H.S.; Bottani, E.J.
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QSPR Modeling of Gibbs Free Energy of Chemical Transformations of Oil Shale Components During Thermal Treatment
Castro, E.A.; Toropova, A.P.; Toropov, A.A.; Mukhamedjanova, D.V.
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Calorimetric Influence of Two Crystalline Additions on Hydration of Portland Cements
Rahhal, V.; Talero, R.
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Making and Some Properties of Activated Carbon Produced from Agricultural Industrial Residues from Argentina
Martínez, M.L.; Moiraghi, L.; Agnese, M.; Guzman, C.
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An Ent-Kaurene Derivative from Aerial Parts of Baccharis Rufescens
Simirgiotis, M.J.; García, M.; Sosa, M.E.; Giordano, O.S.; Tonn, C.E.
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