Vol 92 (1-3) January-June, 2004


Review Article

Catechol Oxidase And Biomimetic Approaches Krebs, B.; Merkel, M.; Rompel, A. Download PDF- 223KB

Regular Papers

Metal-Metal Charge Transfer In LnM-CN-FeCl3 Complexes Sheng, T.; Vahrenkamp, H. Download PDF- 100KB

QSPR Modeling Of The Octanol/Water Partition Coefficient Of Alcohols By Means Of Optimization Of Correlation Weights Of Local Graph Invariants P. R. Duchowicz, E. A. Castro, A. A. Toropov, A. I,. Nesterova, O. M. Nabiev. Download PDF- 55KB

Vibrational And Thermal Study Of Hexaaquatris(Malonato)Dieuropium (III) Dihydrate Brusau, E. V.; Pedregosa, J. C; Narda, G. E.; Ayala, A. P.; Oliveira E. A. Download PDF- 97KB

The Infrared And Raman Spectra Of Tetrachlorophosphonium (V) Oxotetrachlorovanadate(V), PCl4VOCl4. An Experimental And Theoretical Study Roldán, M. L.; Lanús, H.; Brandán, S. A.; López, J. J.; Varetti, E. L.;Ben Altabef, A. Download PDF- 96KB

Electrochemical Reduction Of Carbon Dioxide In The Presence Of [NiII– 5,7,12,14-Tetramethyldinaphtho [b,i] [1,4,8,11] Tetra Aza [14]Annulene]++ Cation Rios-Escudero, A.; Isaacs, M.; Villagrán, M.; Zagal J.;Costamagna, J. Download PDF - 83KB

A Model For The Dissolution Of Metal Oxides Mediated By Heterogeneous Charge Transfer García Rodenas, L.A.; Araujo, P.; Bruyère, V.I.E.; Morando, P.J.; Regazzoni, A.E.; Blesa, M.A. Download PDF- 98KB

The Coordination Chemistry Of Nitric Oxide With Pentacyanoferrates Olabe, J. A. Download PDF- 128KB

A New Building Block For Polynuclear Complexes: The Ion [Ru(Bptz)(CN)4]2- ( Bptz = 3,6-Bis(2-Pyridyl)-1,2,4,5-Tetrazine) García Posse, M. E. ; Vergara, M. M.; Fagalde, F.; Mellace, M. G.; Katz, N. E. Download PDF- 56KB

Vibrational Spectra And Electrochemical Behavior Of Bispicolinate Copper(II) Parajón-Costa, B. S.; Wagner, C. C.; Baran, E. J. Download PDF- 75KB

Structural Features Of Antitumor Gold(I)-Phosphine Derivatives Analyzed With Theoretical Methods Caruso,F.; Rossi, M.; Opazo, C.; Pettinari, P. Download PDF- 51KB

The Structure Of TAS + CF3C(O)NS(CF3)NS(CF3)NC(O)CF3 -, A Salt With A Bis(Sulfinyl)Amide Anion Lork, E.; Müller, M.; Mews R. Download PDF- 72KB

O-O Bond Dissociation Enthalpy In Perfluoromethyl Fluorocarbonyl Peroxide, CF3OOC(O)F. A Density Functional Quantum Chemical Analysis Erben, M. F.; Della Védova, C. O Download PDF- 40KB

Environmental Application Of Natural Microporous Aluminosilicates: NOx Reduction By Propane Over Modified Clinoptilolite Zeolite Botto, I.L.; Canafoglia M.E.; Lick, I.D.; Cabello, C.I.; Schalamuk, I.B.; Minelli, G.; Ferraris, G. Download PDF- 99KB

Solvent Effect On The 1H NMR Spectra Of A Pyridinocalix(4)Arene Derivative And Its Protonation Constants In Methanol Danil de Namor, A. F.; Aguilar Cornejo, A. F.; Chahine, S.; Nolan, K. B. Download PDF- 78KB