Vol 93 (4-6) July-December, 2005



Index and Editorial page

Index and Editorial Page



Review Article

Photochemistry of Interhalogen Compounds Wilson, R. D.; Axworthy, A. E.; Christe, K. O. pp. 1-20 Download PDF- 325KB


Regular Papers

Peculiarities of I-F and I-O Bonds in Different Hypervalent Species of Iodine Baran, E. J. pp. 23-27 Download PDF- 177KB

Rate Coefficients for the Reaction of Chlorine Atoms with FS(O2)O and FS(O2)OCl at 298 K Tucceri, M.E.; Castellano, E.; Croce, A.E; Cobos, C.J. pp. 29-41 Download PDF- 249KB

Hans Joachim Schumacher, Homage at the Centennial of his Birth Arvia, A. J. pp. 43-79 Download PDF- 513KB

Luminiscence Quenching of Europium (III) and Terbium (III) Carboxylates by Transition Metals in Solution Barja, B. C.; Remorino, A.; Roberti, M. J.; Aramendia, P.F. pp. 81-96 Download PDF- 262KB

N-(Phosphonomethyl)glycine Interactions with Soils Pessagno, R.C.; Dos Santos Afonso, M. pp. 97-108 Download PDF- 227KB

QSAR Modeling of Anti-HIV-1 Activity of Hept Derivatives. Optimization of Correlation Weights of Morgan Extended Connectivity in Graph of Atomic Orbitals Castro, E.A.; Toropov, A.A.; Toropova, A.P.; Mukhamedzhanove, D.V. pp. 109-121 Download PDF- 234KB

Thermal Gas-Phase Oxidation of Trifluorobromoethene, CF2CFBr, Initiated By NO2 Arce, V.; Dos Santos Afonso, M.; Romano, R.M.; Czarnowski, J. pp. 123-136 Download PDF - 232KB

Operational Performance of the SAC-C Satellite Nickel-Hydrogen Batteries Barsellini, D.R; Garaventta, G.N.; Bisaccio, G.; Visintin, A.; Triaca, W.E. pp. 137-141 Download PDF- 251KB

Electrochemical Behaviour of Carbon Dioxide on Platinum and Rhodium Martins, M.E. pp. 143-153 Download PDF- 291KB

Conformational Equilibrium in the Thermal Unimolecular Decomposition Reactions of Substituted 4-Fluorophenyl 1,2,4-Trioxanes Cafferata, L.F.R ; Rimada, R.S.; Jubert, A.H. pp. 155-162 Download PDF- 205KB

Gas-Phase Rate Coefficients for the O(3P) Reactions with 2-Chloropropene and 3-Chloropropene At 298K Using the Discharge Flow Technique Cometto, P.M.; Blanco, M.B.; Teruel, M.A.; Taccone, R.A.; Lane, S.I. pp. 163-173 Download PDF- 241KB

Arrhenius Parameters for the Thermal Decomposition of FC(O)OOC(O)F Burgos Paci, M.A.; Argüello, G.A. pp. 175-182 Download PDF- 207KB

Two Isostructural Complexes of Co(II) And Zn(II) with Lapacholate, Dimethylformamide and Water, [M(Lap)2(DMF)(H2O)] Martínez, M. A.; Jiménez , M. C. L. de; Castellano , E. E.; Piro, O. E.; Aymonino, P. J. pp. 183-193 Download PDF- 225KB

Salt (Electrolytes) Sorption By Membranes and/or Ion-Exchange Resins: Donnan or Partition Equilibrium? Timmermann, E. O. pp. 195-213 Download PDF- 321KB

Self-Assembly of Platinum Nanowires on HOPG Quaino, P.M.; Gennero de Chialvo, M.R.; Vela, M.E.; Salvarezza, R.C. pp. 215-224 Download PDF- 352KB

Chemical Study of a Water Extract of Argentine Commercial Origanum Rolando, A. E.; González, M. D. pp. 225-231 Download PDF- 205KB

Preparation, Spectroscopic and Thermal Studies of the Bridged Isocyanato Complex [NI2(NCO)2(H2O)4]X2, (X= ½SO42- OR NO3- ) Gaballa, A.S. ; Teleb, S.M. ; Nour, E.M. pp. 233-239 Download PDF- 205KB

Fatty Acids and Sterols in Seeds from Wild Species of Berberis from Argentine Patagonia Mazzuca, M.; Miscoria, S. A.; Rost, E.; Balzaretti, V.T. pp. 241-246 Download PDF- 178KB



Metabolites From The Marine Fungus Cladosporium Cladosporioides San Martín, A.; Painemal, K.; Díaz, Y.; Martínez C.; Rovirosa, J. pp. 247-251 Download PDF- 178KB