Vol 94 (4-6) July-December, 2006



Masthead, index and editorial page

Regular Papers

Mean Amplitudes of Vibration of the BrO3F2 Anion Baran, E. J. pp. 1-4
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Synthesis, Growth and Characterization of New 1,3,4 -Thiadiazole-5-(N-Substituted)-Sulfonamides Crystals Camí, G.E.; Ramírez de Arellano, M.del C.; Fustero, S.; Pedregosa, J.C. pp. 5-17
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Aggregation in Dodecyltrimethylammonium Bromide – Didodecyldimethylammonium Bromide Aqueous Mixtures Proverbio, Z.E.; Messina, P.V.; Ruso, J.; Prieto, G.; Schulz, P.C.; Sarmiento, F. pp. 19-30
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QSPR Evaluation of Thermodynamic Properties of Acyclic and Aromatic Compounds Duchowicz, P.R.; Castro, E.A.; Fernández, F.M.; Pankratov, A.N. pp. 31-45
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On the Symmetry of Bis Benzene Chromium(0) with D6D Point Group Hamadanian, M.; Ashrafi, A.R. pp. 47-53
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Surface Resistance Study of the Different Interactions of ClO4-, SO42-, C6H5SO3- and Cu(II) with a Gold Surface Partially Blocked with Poly(-O-Aminophenol) Tucceri, R. pp. 55-70
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Scale-Up of a Pilot Plant for Adsorption of Heavy Metals Moreno-Piraján; J.C.; Rangel, D.; Amaya, B.; Vargas, E.M.; Giraldo, L. pp. 71-82
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Determination of Lead in the Parana River by Solid Phase Spectrophotometry Pellerano, R.G.; Romero, C.H.; Acevedo, H.A.; Vazquez, F.A.; Marchevsky, E.J. pp. 83-90
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Mercury Contamination of Workers of Gold Processing Centres at El Callao, Venezuela Carrasquero-Durán, A. pp. 91-100
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