Vol 95 (1-2) January-December, 2007



Masthead, index and editorial page


Regular Papers

Seasonal study of the alkaloid pattern of huperzia saururus with habitat in Córdoba province (Aargentina). Ortega M. G.; Agnese A. M.; Barboza G. E. ; Cabrera J. L. pp. 1-9
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Characterization of electrochemical properties in fractions of different molecular size taken from natural soil organic matter of argentine humid pampa. Pidello A., Amichetti M.L.; Coletti-Zaballa T.; Menéndez L.; Perotti E.B.R. pp. 10-19
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Flavonoids from gutierrezia repens (asteraceae). Alarcón, S. R., Ábalos, M., Colloca, C. B., Pacciaroni, A., Sosa, V. E. pp. 20-24
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Phytochemistry and phytotoxic activity of lagascea mollis (asteraceae). Alarcón, S. R., Ocampos, L. S. N., Flores Galleguillo, L. V., Pacciaroni, A., Sosa, V. E. pp. 25-31
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Nutrient content of dove meat from the province of Chaco, Argentina. Sarno M. C., Utgés E. E., Farías A. R., Delgado J. M. pp. 32-38
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Quality and chemical composition of residual cakes obtained by pressing jojoba seeds produced in La Rioja, Argentina. Gayol M. F., Labuckas D. O., Oberti J. C. Grosso N. R., Guzmán C. A. pp. 39-47
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Theoretical study of methane adsorption on graphite. Albesa, A. G., Vicente, J. L. pp. 48-58
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A DFT and aim study of blue-shifting hydrogen bonds and secondary interactions in small heterocyclic complexes. Oliveira B. G. pp. 59-69
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Chemical fractionation of cadmium in natural waters from Paraná river at Corrientes-Argentina. Pellerano, R. G.; Romero, C. H.; Acevedo, H. A.; Vázquez, F. A., Marchevsky, E. J. pp. 71-80
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