Vol 96 (1-2) January-December, 2008



Masthead, index and editorial page

Regular Papers

Synthesis of the SrFeO2.5 and BaFeO3-x perovskites by thermal decomposition of SrNH4[Fe(CN)6] 3H2O and BaNH4[Fe(CN)6]. L. M. Córdoba, M. I. Gómez, J. A. de Morán and P. J. Aymonino. pp. 1-12
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Metal complexes of Schiff bases derived from dicinnamoylmethane and aromatic amines. K. Krishnankutty, M. B. Ummathur and P. Sayudevi. pp. 12-21
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On the use of the NRTL method for calculation of liquid – liquid equilibria in ternary systems. J. Alvarez Juliá, C. R. Barrero, M. del C. Grande and C. M. Marschoff. pp. 22-32
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Quality of honey from argentina: study of chemical composition and trace elements. M. A. Cantarelli, R. G. Pellerano, E. J. Marchevsky, J. M. Camiña. pp. 33-41
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The electronic structure of the C2H3Cl···HX (X = Cl, CN, NC and CCH) vinylchloride complexes evaluated via topological parameters and DFT calculations. B. G. Oliveira. pp. 42-54
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Caffeoyl esters of threonic acid and its lactone from Viguiera Pazensis. M. L. Uriburu, R. R. Gil, V. E. Sosa and J. R. de la Fuente. pp. 55-61
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Conformational and electronic study of sex pheromone of the pine processionary moth and some related derivative compounds with modification in the polar group. E. R. Chamorro, E. Benítez, A. F. Sequeira and N. M. Peruchena. pp. 62-79
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Chemical composition of essential oil from Tagetes Minuta L. leaves and flowers. E. R. Chamorro, G. Ballerini, A. F. Sequeira, G. A. Velasco and María F. Zalazar. pp. 80-86
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QSAR studies on urea and thiourea derivatives. relationship between descriptors log p, p, MR and MV and antibacterial activity in Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Escherichia coli. V. L. Figueroa, C. F. Díaz, R. G. Ceballos, R. M. López, V. G. Maldonado and L. A Camacho. pp. 87-100
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Phenobarbital in pharmaceutical tablets by modified conductimetrical analysis. C. M. Monzón, M. R. Delfino (h), M. del C. Sarno and M. R. Delfino. pp. 101-110
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Thermal decomposition of the acetone cyclic diperoxide in 1-octanol solution. L. C. A. Leiva, N. L. Jorge, J. M. Romero, L. F. R. Cafferata, M. E. Gómez Vara and E. A. Castro. pp.111-122
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