Vol 93 (1-3) January-June, 2005



Review Article

Computer Screen Photo-Assisted Techniques For Chemical Sensing Filippini,D.; Lundström, I. Download PDF- 300KB


Electronic Noses Applications and Technologies

Monitoring Of State Of Charge In MOS Capacitors By Pulsed Photocurrent Lombardi, R.; Aragón, R. Download PDF- 79KB

Dependence of Sensitivity on Granulometry in Conductimetric ?´-Bi2MoO6 Sensors Vera, C.M.C Download PDF- 84KB

A Thin Film Sensor to Detect Ammonia at Room Temperature in Humid Media Bianchetti, M. F.; Heredia, E.; Oviedo, C.; Walsöe de Reca, N. E. Download PDF- 127KB

Feature Extraction Methods For The Analysis of An Electronic Nose Response Lamagna, A; Rodríguez, D.F.; Scoccola, N. N Download PDF- 69KB

Discrimination of Different Valerian Types With an Electronic Nose Baby, R. E.; Cabezas, M; Kutschker, A.; Messina, V.; Walsöe de Reca, N.E Download PDF- 69KB

Anodic Sulphuration of Submicron-Grained Thin Films For IR Sensing Maioco, S. Download PDF- 55KB

Degradation of Olive Oil By Light Or Heating. Electronic Nose And Sensory Data Analysis Messina V.; Baby R.E.; Calviño A.; Cabezas M. D.; Walsöe de Reca N. E. Download PDF - 88KB

Nanostructured Thick Film Sensors For CO (g) Based on Al Doped SnO2 Cabezas M.D.; Lamas D.G.; Baby R.E.; Cabanillas, E.; Walsöe de Reca N.E. Download PDF- 58KB

Electronic Nose And SPME-Gas Chromatography For The Study of The Odor Profile of Whole Milk Powder Irurueta, M.; Biolatto, A.; Grigioni, G.; Sancho, A.M.; Chavéz, M.; Páez, R.; Taverna, M.; Pensel, N. Download PDF- 41KB

Medical Diagnosis With Electronic Noses Di Natale, C.; Pennazza, G.; Martinelli, E.; Santonico, M.; Macagnano, A.; Paolesse, R.; D’Amico, A. Download PDF- 43KB

Sensors And Data Analysis For Electronic Noses Pardo, M ; Sberveglieri, G. Download PDF- 53KB

Assessment of Fish Freshness With An Electronic Nose Rodríguez, D.F.; Reich, S.; Alonso, P.; Szudruk, M.; Arrieta, C.; Lacomi, H.; Gillari, C.; Boselli, A.; Lamagna, A. Download PDF- 59KB

Electronic Tongues: Electrode Arrays And Pattern Recognition Krantz-Rülcker, C.; Winquist, F.; Lundström, I. Download PDF- 105KB

Pampa III Electronic Nose: Control Electronics Design Giménez, J. F.; Gillari, C. A.; Valerio, D. F.; Gasulla, D. E.; Alaniz, L. T.; Lacomi, H. A.; Arrieta C. L. Download PDF- 112KB

The Electronic Nose Applied to Food Analysis Capone, S.; Distante, C.; Francioso, L.; Presicce, D.; Taurino, A.M.; Siciliano, P.; Zuppa, M. Download PDF- 136KB


Regular Papers

Mg-Cu Alloys: A Monte Carlo Simulation Of Structural And Thermo dynamic Properties Hojvat de Tendler, R.; Fracchia, R.M.; Pepe, M.E.; Lavrentiev, M.Yu; Soriano, M.R Download PDF- 154KB

A Chlorinated Dihydrobenzofuran From Flourensia Riparia Uriburu, M.L. ; de la Fuente; J.R.; Palermo, J., Sosa, V.E. Download PDF- 37KB

Spectroscopic And Thermal Studies Of The Reaction Of Iodine With Cobalt(II) And Copper(II) Acetylacetonate Sadeek, S.A. Download PDF- 88KB


Thermodynamic Concepts: Some Considerations On Their Use In Introductory Courses Of Chemistry Vasini, E.; Donati, E. Download PDF- 52KB