Vol 97 (1) January-June, 2009



Masthead, index and editorial page

Regular Papers

Adsorption of oxovanadium (IV) from aqueous solutions by nanoparticulated hydroxyapatite. thermodynamic and kinetic study. E. D. Vega, J. C. Pedregosa and G.E. Narda. pp. 1-12
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Electron microscopy study of porous carbide-derived carbons obtained from B4C. E.Urones-Garrote, A. Gómez-Herrero, D. Ávila-Brande, P. González-García, N. A. Katcho, E. Lomba, A. R. Landa-Cánovas and L. C. Otero-Díaz. pp. 13-24
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Evaluation of crystal field effects of Yb3+ in monoclinic KGd(WO4)2 and KYb(WO4)2 laser crystals. comparison with disordered tetragonal nagd(WO4)2 crystals. C. Cascales. pp. 28-38
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Characterization of VOx/ZrO2 catalysts and their activity in the oxidation of carbon monoxide. D .Gazzoli, S. De Rossi, G..Ferraris and M. Valigi. pp. 39-50
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Insulin-mimetic and speciation studies of oxidovanadium complexes containing picolyltryptophane and tris(pyridyl)amine. H.Esbak, J. Nilsson, E. Nordlander, E. A. Enyedy, T. Kiss, Y. Yoshikawa, H. Sakurai, and D. Rehder. pp. 51-57
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Natural materials modified with transition metals of the cobalt group: feasibility in catalysis. M. E. Canafoglia, I.D.Lick, E..N..Ponzi and Botto. pp. 58-68
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Preparation and characterization of an AB2O4 spinel type oxide: catalytic application of the supported CuFe2O4 solid. J. E. Tasca, C. Quincoces, A. M. Alvarez, M. G. González and A. Lavat. pp. 69-79
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Research of new mixed-chelate copper complexes with quinoxaline N1,N4-dioxide derivatives and alanine as ligands, potential antimycobacterial agents. M. B. Tarallo, A. J. Costa-Filho, E. D. Vieira, A. Monge, C. Q. Leite, F. R. Pavan, G. Borthagaray, D. Gambino and M. H. Torre. pp. 80-89
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Structural phase transitions zircon to scheelite type induced by pressure in the RCrO4 oxides (R=rare earth). R. Sáez Puche, J. M. Gallardo, J. Romero, N. Taira and E. Climent-Pascual. pp. 90-101
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Synthesis of MnFeO3 from the oxidative thermal decomposition of Mn[Fe(CN)5NO]·2H2O. I. D. Lick and D. B. Soria pp. 102-108
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Synthetic hydroxyapatite as a surface model of dental enamel and dentine. M. C. Apella, S. C. Venegas, L. A. García Rodenas, M. A. Blesa and P. J. Morando. pp.109-118
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The Lewis acidity of boron trihalides revisited. C. A. Franca and R. Pis Diez. pp. 119-126
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Vanadis ´charms: from the mithology to the bioinorganic chemistry. S. B. Etcheverry, E. G. Ferrer, A. C. Gonzalez-Baró, B. S. Parajón-Costa and P. A. M. Williams. pp. 127-150
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Circular dichroism in coordination compounds. J. Costa Pessoa, I. Correia, Gisela Gonçalves and Isabel Tomaz. pp. 151-165
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Potentiality of heteropolytungstates as catalysts in the selective oxidation of diphenylsulfide to diphenylsulfoxide. M. G. Egusquiza, K. Ben Tayeb, M. Muñoz, G. Romanelli, C. I. Cabello, I. L. Botto and H. J. Thomas. pp. 166-173
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Buffer capacity of bovine serum albumin (BSA). R. A. Curvale. pp. 174-180
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Monoperoxidovanadium (V) complexes: synthesis, structure and solution properties. J. Tatiersky, S. Pacigová, M. Sivák and P.Schwendt. pp. 181-198
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An experimental and theoretical study of the vibrational properties of CF3SO2Cl. L. E. Fernández and E. L. Varetti. pp. 199-209
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Metals and membrane metal transporters in biological systems: the role(s) of Nramp in host-parasite interactions. Z. Lin, J. A. Fernández-Robledo, M. F. M. Cellier and G. R. Vasta. pp. 210-225
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B site cationic partial substitution by La3+ doping in the Sr2CoWO6 double perovskite: a XRPD structural study. C. A. López, M. del C. Viola and J..C. Pedregosa. pp. 226-233
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Recent studies on human platelets-galectin-1 interactions. M. M. González and N. E. Fink. pp. 234-241
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Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethanol over MgCrO catalysts. P. P. Castro, M. del C.Viola, J. C. Pedregosa, M. F. Gomez and M. C. Abello. pp. 242-249
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MVMoO7 substituted phases (M=Fe, Cr): structural stability, reducibility and catalytic properties in methanol oxidation. I. L. Botto, M. Vassallo, M. Muñoz, C. Cabello and L.Gambaro. pp. 250-265
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Role of PKb/AKT signaling in the insulinomimetic effects of organo-vanadium compounds. G. Vardatsikos, M. Z. Mehdi and A.K. Srivastava. pp. 266-272
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Reversible multi-electron reduction of 9,11,20,22-Tetraaza-tetrapyridopentacene (tatpp) as axial ligand in the [(bpy)2Ru(tatpp)]Cl2 complex. R. O .Lezna, N. R. de Tacconi, T. Janaratne, J. Muñoz Zúñiga and F. M. MacDonnell. pp. 273-288
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